Short Description

Sun tantra is pure relish. And as much work in awareness as You wish.

The following short description of events during a massage will give You an overview into the way I work. 

 Depending on the type and length of massage and Your desires it will vary a bit. 

☀︎   In an introductional talk we will talk about Your wishes for the massage and look at possible tabus and limits.

☀︎   Then You may let your everyday life with a shower behind You and refresh Yourself.

☀︎   Dressed in Lunghis we greet each other with a Namasté and take a seat vis-à-vis.

☀︎   Once again You may talk about Your wishes for the massage, but also during the massage we will always stay in communication.

☀︎   With Your permission Ioosen Your Lunghi and You lie down to enjoy.

☀︎   I as well loosen my Lunghi.

☀︎   You receive a beneficial head massage without oil.

☀︎   Now I gift You fine impressions for the senses with feathers, pearl necklaces, fine cloths, my fingertips and possibly little surprises.

☀︎   Then I greet Your whole body with warm oil.

☀︎   Body to body elements can by part of massage.

☀︎   Depending of Your wishes I gift one of Your body parts special attentiveness.

☀︎   If You will You get a Yoni- / Lingam-massage. I always ask again during the massage, if You would like to receive an intimate massage, before I start with it.

☀︎   After the massage follows a phase of rest to integrate all You have experienced.

☀︎   Afterwards we bow to each other in a Namasté.

☀︎   You may shower again if You like.

☀︎   During longer massages Your senses will be delighted by small culinary surprises in different ways.

Arrive at the center of Your being. Breathe, smell, feel, sigh, moan, feel every fiber of Your wonderful body! just be. be as You are in this moment.