Sensual Massage

* softness & width *

For very sensual and all who like it the very delicate way

Be held. Be caressed. Be hugged. Be You, the way You are in this very moment.

The respektful touch lets You sink into Your sensual being,

it will waken Your spirit and body. Tensions can come undone.  

It is a bath in rich sensuality, attentiveness and presence.

Charakteristics of the Sensual Massage:

highest respect and attentiveness

fine touches where You wish and only where You wish

facilitates the healing powers in Your body

You can stay dressed in Your Lunghi

no intimate massage



Sensual Massage 

in The Place2BE

in Basel near the University

1,5 hour     200 CHF

2 hours        250 CHF

every half hour more  50 CHF 

+ Private Talking Time before and after the Massage / 

 Session: counseling in life matters

1 hour          120 CHF

Take in the cozy warmth and shine !

Shine like a little sun !

Sensual Massage 

Travelling Prices - Panamá & Costa Rica

 1 hour         40 - 60 USD

1,5 hours     60 - 90 USD

2 hours        90 - 120 USD

every half hour more 30 - 40 USD

 all according to your budget & privilege