Professional cuddling

For a wide open radiating heart

As kids we cuddled often. During cuddling the binding hormone oxytocin gets poured out into the blood stream. It creates feelings of well-being and security. At one point in life cuddling comes too short...


In the warm atmosphere of my atélier I give you a big portion of contentment. During the whole session both of us are fully dressed. Bring comfortable clothes.


Professional Cuddling 

 in The Place2BE

in Basel near the University

1 hour          100 CHF

1,5 hours     140 CHF

+ Private Talking Time before and after the Massage / 

 Session: counseling in life matters

1 hour          120 CHF

Professional Cuddling 

Travelling Prices - Panamá & Costa Rica

 1 hour         30 - 50 USD

1,5 hours     50 - 80 USD

 all according to your budget & privilege