Partial Body Work

2 Body Parts-Massage

Somatic Work. Rebalancing. Enhancing.

Your neck and shoulders hurt? Your back is sore from carrying around heavy tools, your backpack on the week-end or a smaller inner burden? You always wanted to try a head, hand  or foot massage? I'm happy to bring you some relief and enjoyment. The massage can take place pretty much everywhere: in the garden or recreation area, at the pool... 


neck & shoulders

neck & head

upper back & neck

arms & hands

feet & calves

* or chose your two favorite parts *

Holistic Rebalancing

Aura Work. Rebalancing. Enhancing.

Here I work with almost no touch. With your permission I will realign the fine web of your aura and energy field. Little time can have big impact, just like we dream of full days and years in seconds time at night.

Part of this work are very helpful mineral and flower solutions such as the Quintessence "white".

Partial Body Work & Holistic Rebalancing

20 minutes          15 to 40 USD

30 minutes          30 to 60 USD

 according to your budget & privilege