Full Body Massage

 * vitality & relaxation *

Let Your everyday life go, breathe deeply and arrive in Your center

The ritual charakter of my Full Body Massage facilitates You to dive deeply into Your sensual being, to open up blossom by blossom and to collect new powers. You may simply savor, receive, You don't need do anything nor do any favors. Sensual surprises like fluffy feathers, my finger tips and warm oil on Your skin await You.

Characteristics of the Full Body Massage:

sensitive and attentive massage for Your whole body

as firmly or soft as You wish

makes the healing energies in Your body vibrate on a higher level

if You wish including trigger point massage

if You wish including Yoni- / Lingam- massage


 Full Body Massage

 in The Place2BE

in Basel near the University

 1 hour          210 CHF

1,5 hours     260 CHF

2 hours        310 CHF

every half hour more 50 CHF 

+ Private Talking Time before and after the Massage / 

 Session: counseling in life matters

1 hour          120 CHF

 During the massage You'll be given presents in many ways.

You don't need to do anything, You can simply enjoy.

Full Body Massage 

Travelling Prices - Panamá & Costa Rica

 1 hour         60 - 80 USD

1,5 hours     80 - 110 USD

2 hours        110 - 160 USD

every half hour more 30 - 40 USD

 all according to your budget & privilege