Dynamic Full Body Massage

 * power & depth *

Savour, immerse, explore inner new-land 

I invite You to breathe and move in Your impulses. Like this, the fire in Your chest and Your thighs can ignite easier.

When I go down in trigger points, You can free Yourself of everyday life worries and find more nourishing life powers.

During longer massage sessions I will enchant Your senses with sweet little surprises.

Characteristics of the Dynamic Full Body Massage:

You can move freely and dynamically during the massage, I follow Your impulses

deep immersion into Your physicalness

enriching body to body elements

if You wish including trigger point massage

if You wish including Yoni- / Lingam-massage


Dynamic Full Body Massage 

 in my studio - Zürcher Oberland

1 hour          200 CHF

1,5 hours     260 CHF

2 hours        320 CHF

every half hour more 50 CHF

Dynamic Full Body Massage 

in the massage-room

in Zürich beim Spital Triemli

1 hour          270 CHF

1,5 hours     320 CHF

2 hours        390 CHF

every half hour more 50 CHF


Taste my fiery, sensitive intuitiv-massage - 

feel Your life-lust become juicy and cherry-red !


Dynamic Full Body Massage 

Travelling Prices - Panamá & Costa Rica

1,5 hours     100 - 150 USD

2 hours        150 - 200 USD

every half hour more 30 - 40 USD

 all according to your budget & privilege