Questions & Answers

What is Tantra?

All descriptions are for all gender. To simplify, I chose either "she" or "he" in the text.

The word Tantra is translated diversely, "to web", "webbing" is my favorite translation. Tantra is a very old spiritual movement from India.


Using the four keys breathing, movement, voice and attentiveness we can always bring ourselves right into the moment and into our center, no matter what is happening around us.


Tantra is wisdom of life. It contains old practices, meditations, which connect like the stars on the firmament to a unity, a webbing: each one is by itself centered, clear, luminescent and bright, all together form a multitude of lights and knowledge.


A practitioner in Tantra welcomes all experiences that come into his life; he embraces them, uses the four keys breathing, movement, voice and attentiveness and experiences in his Being: life.



I practice daily, I find out more about myself in silence, in amazement, in anger... I watch myself and transform with the instruments of Tantra so called negativity  in life experience; I experience myself new, every day.



With the Vajrasattva Meditation emerging from tibetan Tantrism deep cleansing can be experienced. Beyond that deep grounding and connection within and all beings, finally the dissolving of all circling in thoughts and all identifying in the syllable HUM, then the emptiness. In the emptiness/void You rest.



Tantra is without intention or aim. It offers spaces where experiences can be made, the being in the here and now can be felt.

What is a Tantra massage?

Every Tantra Massage, every Tantra Bodyworker is different, just like every day is new and different. Tantra Massages exist sind the 1970es. One of the founders is Andro, a spiritual path maker is Osho who studied and transducted the old writings from India.

What are Sun Tantra Massages and what is special about them?


I work with the power of the heart: with openness, courage, trust, faith, love, intuition and grounded spirituality that says YES! to life.


Sun Tantra means sensitive art of touch with my finger tips, my hands and arms, applying body to body elements with my whole body, as well as with toys such as fabrucs, feathers etc.

Sun Tantra opens You a space free from judgement in which You can get to know Yourself in Your Uniqueness, Your Wholeness as body-spirit-soul-being. You may just savour, experience and let go of every day life worries and old sorrows. You experience Yourself by means of my attentive touch and my aimless presence.


Sun Tantra is devotion to You in Your Wholeness as human, is tribute and estimation of Your person, Your being, is a present for You. I design every massage according to Your personal wishes.


I work according to the ethic principles of the "Development Association Tantra Massage Switzerland" (Förderverein Tantramassage Schweiz). The Association identifies with the WHO aims for sexual health.


It is difficult not to have expectations towards oneself and others, but it pays off!