My Qualities

Today I'm a man standing and growing in the middle of life, vintage 1980 and 168cm tall.


My french men's name Noé - Hebrew Noah - means "create consolation, ease". After the book Genesis Noach (variety: Noah) was the 10th patriarch after Adam. Le Soleil is the sun,

the life- and nourishment giving star of our solar system. 


I work with my artists name. With this name I create the space in attentiveness which is necessary for an ideal, appreciative attendance. Also I use my artists name, as in our western society Tantra doesn't yet hold the significance as therapeutical effective body work, as therapy, which it totally is. This is one point why I give these massages part-time.



Certified SkyDancer.  Sussessful completion of the year training T.E.L. (training in ecstasy and love) at the school Schröter + Christinger personality training on 2-24-2019.


Member of the "Development Association Tantra Massage Switzerland".


During many years I collected detailed experience in meditation work, energy and imagination work, dance, body work in Grindberg-method and after Mantak Chia.


2009 I completed my 4 years full time studies in Art Therapy with diploma  - with foki such as medicine, psychology and creating art.


Since 2011 I'm in continuing education in tantric body work, beginning at the institute Jembatan (Munich), since 2013 at Sexological Bodywork (Zurich) and Amakido Berührungskunst -Art of Touch (Freiburg im Breisgau).


Studio work experienc I collected in the studios for tantric body work "Sensuality Tantra" (Munich) und "Cosmic Tantra" (Zurich) since 2011.

What is Sun Tantra? 

I work with the power of the heart: with openness, courage, trust, love, intuition and grounded spirituality that says YES! to life.

On my path I had many teachers. During my studies I learned a lot about the importance of personal expression in image sculpture and  color, word, movement and singing.

The expression of ones own sexuality is art making, is like creating art, it is creation.


Sun Tantra means sensitive art of touch with my finger tips, my hands and arms, applying body to body elements with my whole body, as well as with toys such as fabrics, feathers etc.

Sun Tantra opens You a space free from judgement in which You can get to know Yourself in Your Uniqueness, Your Wholeness as body-spirit-soul-being. You may just savour, experience and let go of every day life worries and old sorrows. You experience Yourself by means of my attentive touch and my aimless presence.


Sun Tantra is devotion to You in Your Wholeness as human, is tribute and estimation of Your person, Your being, is a present for You. I design every massage according to Your personal wishes.


What do I love about Tantra? 

I love the shining bright eyes, full of joy, full of depth and connection, filled with the explorations after a session. It is so touching to see what a difference two hours can make !